Third Base – The Latest Anthony Carrick Mystery

Third Base CoverAnthony Carrick isn’t out looking for trouble, but trouble seems to be finding him. This is the third novel in the Anthony Carrick mystery series, and it takes him all the way to Chicago.

Chicago, known as the Windy City is hosting the baseball World Series. That’s a good thing. A boon for the local economy, a shot in the arm the city needs to boost citizen moral, and above all, the Chicago Cubs aka the Loveable Losers have a real chance of winning against the Baltimore Orioles.

But then the Cubs star pitcher wounds up murdered and found by third base at Wrigley Field just days before the World Series begins. Now Anthony Carrick has to head out to Chicago to help the odd couple of homicide detectives to solve this murder without putting the World Series on hold.

Can he do it? Well, it is Anthony Carrick after all isn’t it!

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