The Enigma Evolution – A Sci-Fi Novel

The Enigma Evolution 2000 Cover 2MBImagine what would happen if you could travel with the dead to the other side? This was the idea behind this novel which turned into a sci-fi utopia/dystopia story about humanity’s last ditch attempt to restart after almost being annihilated by the AI they developed.

Sunring Quickdust is what is known as an Evolver. She takes the dead from this life to the afterlife. But there’s a dark secret behind this afterlife and this all to convenient death.

You see, after having left Earth in the early 22nd century due to the technological singularity, we’ve now landed on the new promised land, the planet we now call Gaea. Less than 100 million humans managed to escape the AI we’d created on Earth that was hell bent on killing us. And that’s how we ended up on Gaea.

Gaea is a peaceful place. There is the rule of law and The Mothers, our government, have created an orderly, civil society where everyone is giving a place to contribute for the greater good. Sunring Quickdust is an Evolver, a highly regarded position within the Gaean society. And she’s about to take her Greater Father – her grandfather – to the other side.

You see, all men die at 66 and all women at 77. Evolvers travel with them to the Whole, a wormhole, through which the deceased must travel alone to the One. The great spirit and the after life. But something’s off, and with the help of an advanced alien, Sunring has to make a difficult decision about whether to peak behind the veil and to really see what’s behind the curtain and on the other side of life.

She just might be the one who holds the key to humanity’s ongoing survival. Because perhaps the AI are not finished with humanity after all.

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