Money Ain’t Nothing

Money Ain't Nothing CoverMoney Ain’t Nothing was the first Anthony Carrick story ever! Before First Feature was this short story that introduces the reader to Anthony Carrick, the not so celebrated ex LAPD homicide detective. Living in Santa Monica, Anthony Carrick ekes out a living hustling for private investigation jobs and selling his paintings whenever he can.

In Money Ain’t Nothing a rich dame calls on Anthony to help her solve the death of her son. The police don’t think it’s a homicide but maybe a mother knows best? With dark humor, Anthony takes on this job for a bunch of Benjamins and a quick resolution if only to prove the police right, and besides, he’s a sucker for a pretty face.

Money sure as hell might not buy happiness but it seems like it can buy no end to the sadness and depravity of human greed. With money at stake and love lost and jaded, is it any wonder that PIs like Anthony fill their days digging in the deep dirt of human frailty and madness.

Who, or what would cause someone to kill a young man still in his teens? Follow Anthony as he tries to determine if this death was met by foul play or is it a mother’s helpless plea to try and make sense of her loss. From moneyed Mulholland Drive to the trailer park of white trash Goths, Anthony follows his trail to its rightful conclusion.

Money ain’t nothing… but it sure could be a whole lot more.

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